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Cocktail Bar Fulham

I tried a Cosmopolitan in this Cocktail Bar and this was the greatest I've ever taste. This is the best Cocktail Bar of London!
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- Cocktail Bar Fulham -

Our barmaids prepare you the best cocktail in your new Cocktail Bar of Fulham

In your new Cocktail Bar of Fulham our team of bartender is relly qualified and talented. Indeed each week we ask to one of them to create our 'Cocktail of the week'. This little contest allow them to express their talent and you to enjoy always new delicious drinks. We organized great parties and we are proud to offer you the best Cocktail of London for a low price. Here, you don't have to spend too much to enjoy the best drinks!

Our cocktail bar is a nice place to stay for a drink in Fulham

In the Cocktail Bar of Fulham we think about everyone. Indeed you can enjoy cocktail with or without alcohol. We will not offer you soft drinks as soda and lemonade, our bartender are also very talented in the creation of soft cocktails. You'll spend a great time with your friends and you'll be able to getting behind the wheels. And if you'd drunk a bit too much, our cocktail bar will call you a taxi. For the greatest night and the safety, come in the Cocktail Bar of Fulham!

Never get bored in our cocktail bar in Fulham

Pina Colada, Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Sex on the Beach, Tequila Sunrise... In our Cocktail Bar of Fulham, we offer you the widest range of cocktail at the best price. With or without alcohol our bartender will also create original drinks. The choice is yours, come in you new cocktail bar in London. You'll spend the greatest evening ever!


Located just next to your home. You can bring your friends to spend a nice evening with them!


In this cocktail bar you'll taste the best drinks of London. From the most classic to the most original ones.


Our drinks are unique and you can try several different thanks to their low price. Our team is already waiting for you!